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Ararr 2 years ago
Hey. Sexy wen u gone make more
Takree 2 years ago
Would love to fuck you
Kashakar 2 years ago
I'm part of a Pirate fan club. Only Pirates can join. I've been part of it for 15 years. That's why I was promoted leadership. You should join. Have a party on Florida's Coco Beach every year on the week of National Piarte Day. Which is September 19th. There is another crew that comes near our waters. They think they better than us. But they have 24 members and we got 784 and I actually take sword play classes I'm good enough to make Jacky Chan blush. Might I mind you I won't really hurt anybody. But who would win in your mind. The Dirty Rogers or us. The Cronicles of Vengence.
Faugul 2 years ago
lol The best comment.
Kagagar 2 years ago
I'm really not a terribly interesting person.

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